Alcatraz Island

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When I visit somewhere, I am not one of those people that use the pre-recorded listening devices. I hate them.

However, you must get one when you visit Alcatraz. The commentary is done by the former inmates and tells the story of the island and the prison.

The boats leave from Pier 33 every 30 minutes or so (from memory) any don’t take long to get to the island.

Once there expect to spend a good few hours there. You will be escorted to the main entrance where you’ll get your listening device, and follow the instructions within.

Walking around the prison, you get an idea of what it was like when it was still functioning. Some of the cells are open for visitors to get an idea of the size of them. A few cells are labelled with the names of some of the most famous prisoners. These include Robert Stroud, Al Capone and George Kelly.


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