America 2004


Date: Apr 2004

This was our second trip to the US travelling through some of California, Nevada and Arizona.


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Los Angeles

We landed in Los Angeles, pick up the hire-car and travelled an hour north-west of Los Angeles to stay with family for a few days. During our time in Los Angeles, we did some exploring, visited Universal Studios and spent time with family.

After a few days in the Los Angeles area, we headed east along the I15 towards Las Vegas before turning north to Death Valley before reaching Las Vegas. We spent one night at the amazing Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley where the daytime temperature was in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The landscape was completely barren and deserted for many miles around the hotel however the grounds of the hotel were a very luscious green. It made for an interesting view from the window of our hotel room.

Las Vegas

After our night in Death Valley, we headed to Las Vegas. As we neared, it was interesting that we could see the hotels on the Strip from several miles away. When we arrived we were amazed at the size of the hotels. We stayed at the Bellagio hotel. We were originally allocated a room at the back of the hotel however it soon became apparent that we needed a view of the Strip and the wonderful Bellagio fountains to enhance our Las Vegas experience so we upgraded to a suite at the front of the hotel. It was really worth the extra money as we had a constant view of the fountains and the other huge hotels on the Strip.

While we were in Las Vegas, we visited the other hotels including Caesers Palace, New York New York, MGM Grand and many others. We spent a lot of time exploring the extravagant surroundings and we even tried our luck on the slots. We also attended the Cirque du Soleil show “O” which was playing at the Bellagio. It was amazing.

Grand Canyon

After spending a few nights in Las Vegas, we headed east again across the Hoover Dam to Williams where we stayed two nights and explored the Grand Canyon National Park. No pictures can prepare you for the enormity of the Grand Canyon. It is huge and awe-inspiring. We had booked a flight over the Grand Canyon to take it all in from above but unfortunately due to inclement weather, it was cancelled. However, we still managed to travel along the rim and stop at many viewpoints.

From the Grand Canyon, we headed south to Tucson for an overnight stay before heading west to San Diego through a huge expanse of desert with hardly any stops for miles. We spent three nights in San Diego at the Coronado Bay Resort where we had a fantastic meal overlooking the San Diego Bay. We visited the local area and the Old Town which was very interesting and well worth a few hours of your time.

Finally, we returned to Los Angeles for a further few nights with family and some rest and relaxation before returning to the UK.

Route Map


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