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  • America 2002
  • Starting in Los Angeles, heading north to San Fransicso via San Luis Obispo. Turning inland towards South Lake Tahoe, before finally heading south via Mammoth Lakes and San Diego.
  • About This Site
  • Introduction As you can see from the right hand menu, this blog is organised into the types of holidays we do. Here is a quick break down of each section…
  • Norway
  • Cruise Information Coming Soon(ish)
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Alcatraz Island
  • America 2004
  • Starting in Los Angeles, heading north east towards Las Vegas, stopping in Death Valley. Continuing to the Grand Canyon via Williams. Then south to Tucson and west to San Diego.
  • About Us
  • We don’t do boring holidays. Our holidays are not for people who like to go to the same hotel year-in-year-out and just sit on a beach all day reading books. We can do that at home. We like two main types of holidays… Cruises These are like package holidays in that everything is included. However […]
  • Kitzbühel, Austria
  • America 2010
  • Starting in Seattle, heading east to Kalispell and East Glacier National Park. Then turning south to Bozeman.
  • Alaska Cruise Tour
  • This cruise tour was our first, and we were looking forward to it
  • How To Plan A Road Trip
  • The hardest part of planning a road trip is where to go and what to see.! The world is such a big place and has so much to offer.
  • Cork, Ireland
  • After our trip to Alaska, we discovered that we quite enjoy cruising so we decided to book a short four night cruise to Cork, Ireland for the UK's August bank holiday weekend.
  • America
  • A collection of our American road trips
  • Cruises
  • Image Gallery
  • Location Map
  • Munich, Germany
  • Other Holidays
  • Road Trips
  • A list of our infamous road trips. This generally last 3 weeks or more, and cover over 2000 miles each.
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Travel Locations
  • Various locations we have visited that we think deserve a special mention.